1. Why are return flights less expensive in many cases than one way?

 This is down to the fact that travel agents  will have negotiated fares with departures from their own country.  Often websites and agents in other countries won’t have the same deals.

        2. How do you counter online agents like Skyscanner where you can get significant savings by being flexible?

To start I want to point out that safarex.com do offer flexible date options. It is a +- 3 day option which allows you to find the best deal 3 days before/after your departure and return.

Safarex.com fares are updated very regularly, where as sites like Sky Scanner (who serve a massive range of flights) are not able to keep as up to date.

        3. How do I find a hotel's contact details?

If you have already booked online and have particular requests for your stay or need more information like airport shuttle arrangements, you can contact the hotel using the details on your confirmation email or by getting in touch with your travel provider.

If you haven't booked yet and just want to know more before you make a booking, try searching for the hotel's website with your preferred search engine (like Google) with the hotel name and city. 

If you can't find an answer to a specific question (like does the buffet breakfast include hashbrowns) on our website or on the travel provider's website, the best thing is to contact the hotel directly as they will be your best resource.

        4. What is included in prices?

The prices we display are inclusive of all your search criteria, these are displayed directly to you by the online travel providers  we work with so you can compare and maximise your hotel search. 

If you find a different price upon redirection to the online travel partner's website, it may be that certain taxes and fees are not included on our website which you then see once redirected to their website. If you are still experiencing a price difference that you don't think is related to the taxes then feel free to contact us so we can have a look into immediately. 

        5. How do I cancel or change a booking?

Something to bear in mind.

Safarex.com Hotel and Car Rental is a search engine that compares hotel deals from a wide range of online travel providers.  Once you've found the best deal on our site or app, you're then connected with your chosen travel provider to complete your booking and enter your details.

        6. I am having problems paying for my booking, can you help?

If you have trouble making the payment, please double check that you have typed in all digits (usually 16 digits), expiry date and 3 digits on back of card correctly.

If all information is correctly stated, please contact your bank to make sure that the complications are not initiated on their side for example because you might have a limit for large amounts.

         7. Is it safe to make the payment online?

Yes. Absolutely! Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and integrity of your personal information. Our website is protected with Comodo -enabled SSL Certificates and displays the Comodo Secured Seal on secure pages.

        8. Can I change the dates on my ticket?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question - the rules vary between airlines and different rules pertain to each airfare and booking class.

Please note that handling fees will apply when we check the fare conditions of your ticket for you, even if the outcome is that the airline does not allow changes.


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