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UAE is one of the best countries to visit in the Middle East.The country United Arab Emirates has a unique property that it is governed by the seven self-governing sheiks namely Sharjah, Umm al Qaiwain, Dubai, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah. As we all know that UAE is the favorite tourist destination around the globe and mostly in the Middle East for both leisure travelers and business persons.

There has been boost observed in the tourism industry of United Arab Emirates which is basically a result of development or production of different modes of communication. There are many reasons for the favorite tourism destination place of many business person due to crime free environment, traditional Arab hospitality and most importantly highly developed infrastructure.There are many tourist places which are worth admiring which have given boom in your excitement to travel UAE.

Land of man made wonders :

There are some places that are truly blessed by natural beauty, then there are places like UAE where natural wonders are not in abundance but, there are best man-made wonders of the world thereby becoming a benchmark country in terms of development and effective channelization of resources. Burj Khalifa, largest handloom carpet in the world, biggest malls in the world, the largest man-made a fountain, world’s largest man-made islands, chandeliers with Swarovski crystals and 24 karat gold, most luxurious hotel in the world; there’s nothing in UAE that won’t surprise you.

Burj Khalifa, largest handloom carpet in the world, biggest malls in the world, the largest man-made a fountain, world’s largest man-made islands, chandeliers with Swarovski crystals and 24 karat gold, most luxurious hotel in the world; there’s nothing in UAE that won’t surprise you.

You just can’t come back before trying the desert safari :
It is said that no trip to Dubai is complete without trying the famous Dubai desert safari. The desert safari can be enjoyed along with sunset photography, sand dune bashing in a 4×4, an international cuisine barbecue dinner at the Bedouin-style desert camp and even an overnight camp safari. with safariyour desert safari will be more joyful.

The most spectacular beaches :
UAE a land of the best of sun, sand, and sea. The country has some of the most serene beaches including the Jumeirah beach in Dubai, Ghantoot beach Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali beach, Ajman beach, JBR beach and more. While some of them are open free public beaches, the ones that are private will offer you the most luxurious beach time with impeccable hospitality.

It might be the most hospitable country you’ve ever visited:

The immaculate hospitality of UAE is known all over the world. Basically, people know that most of their income comes now from the tourism industry and they try their best to ensure that the treatment to their guests is world class. The amenities, luxuries, and the indulgences will leave you craving for more. From getting a gold-plated iPad as a hotel guest to having champagne on a hot air balloon, UAE never ceases to surprise its guests.

GOLD in abundance :

There are ATMs in UAE that dispenses gold bars!!!  The gold souk of Dubai on any given day has over 10 tons of gold available for trading. The jewelers of Dubai have so much gold of their own that unlike anywhere else they are free to decide the gold pricing for trade. The world’s most luxurious hotel- Burj Al Arab has a stunning 1,790 sq-mt. of 24-carat gold leaf covers its interiors.

UAE is a foodie’s paradise :
Being a cosmopolitan country, the variety of food in UAE is enormous, Moreover, if you’re a non-vegetarian the Emirati cuisine in itself is sufficient to keep your tummy singing for months. There are so many of the tasty dishes unheard by many like the exotic camel meat, falafel, an exorbitant variety of seafood along with a world of cuisines including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, European, Indian, Pakistani and more. UAE is the place where chefs are flown from different countries just to bring authenticity to the food.

It is the land of both extreme adventures :

If the adrenaline rush is what drives you to a destination, then UAE will surely make it to your list of must visit places. From the extreme sea adventures such as shark cage diving, jet skiing, flyboarding, banana boat riding, and a lot more water sports, UAE brings you the best of sky adventures too. Enjoy paragliding, skydiving and hot air balloon rides in UAE with skilled professionals. Even the world’s best water parks are equipped to give you a rush of a lifetime. You won’t regret visiting Dubai Holidays as the scenic beauty there is awe-inspiring and enchanting.

An adorable romance :
For the ones looking for a cozy getaway, UAE again is a great place to be. From Dhow boat cruises to a special romantic candlelit dinners at the beach, there’s no limit to the creativity and lengths the hospitable UAE will go to make your special one feel truly special.

Following are some wonders of UAE :

Famous for Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and currently the eighth largest mosque in the world. The Mosque is named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder and the first President of the United Arab Emirates, who is also buried there.

An all-time vacation hotspot, the list of Dubai tourist places is evolving with every passing year. This small emirate of UAE is one of the most happening places in the entire Middle East and is known as an entertainment hub of the world. If you’re planning to visit this amazing city of the Arabs, here are the best Dubai tourist attractions every bit worth your time. Is famous for Fancy Shopping malls and hotels, swanky nightlife, food, the world tallest building, artificial islands and a lot more. one of the most modern city´s in the world and tallest building and many more to explore like,
-Burj Khalifa-Dubai Mall-Mall of emirates- Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding-Dubai Museum- Bastakiya Quarter-The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo-Dubai Miracle Garden-Global Village-Gold and Spice souk(shopping market)-Jumeirah Mosque-Jumeirah Beach-Ibn Battuta Mall- Dubai Creek-Desert Safari Dubai

Is famous for  Clear waters, the best beaches and diving, Fujairah Fort and the oldest mosque in the Emirate. It also the farthest and the most remote from all the Emirates. Fujairah is a famous weekend getaway for the expats living in Dubai that want to enjoy the best beaches in the Emirates. 

Is famous for the Hajar Mountains and Hiking. If you are tired of being on the beach or in the big citys´, head to the mountains for some hiking to relax away from the hustle and bustle. It is famously known as Jebel Jais.

The strictest of the Emirates which follows the sharia laws stricter than any of the other Emirates. There is no alcohol sold in this state, not even in resorts, and you are technically not even allowed to transport alcohol trough this Emirate. It´s also called the cultural Emirate and it´s the best Emirate to visit if you want to get a glimpse of the authentic Arab life. Some of the best Museums in the U.A.E are located in Sharjah. Sharjah is also a lot cheaper than Dubai when it comes to living cost. So if you are on a tight budget,  Sharjah will be a better option for you than Dubai.

UMM AL-QUWAIN famous for Birdwatching and recently being the last Emirate to get big resorts. Umm al-Quwain is kind of the “anti-Dubai.” Walking around the old city will remind you of being more about being in southern India, with small rusty streets with potholes. Umm al Quwain would be what Dubai was 30 years ago. But a big surprise was that the best beach I came across my trip to the Emirates is located here.

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